The Bald Mermaid. Celebrating an Interior Design ICON.

Sheila Bridges. Design Legend. She does not know it but ever since she accepted me as a friend on Facebook, I have been secretly pretending like we are BF’s – and I may have fibbed a couple times and told others this in passing.

She is the most talented African American Interior Designer alive. Yep, I said it. Alive, and I bet there are droves of people and publications that would back up that claim. tow1a tow01 portfolio_jan11_12 norton1 norton10 Living Room 2 blue_kitchen2 blue_kitchen1 Bedroom 1 37 36 32bI proudly own two of her books. Furnishing Forward and her latest memoir The Bald Mermaid. The first book gave me the balls to tell my clients – “You are 35+ its time to invest in some quality grown up furniture.”

mermaid_watermarkThe latest book, I am somewhat afraid to keep reading. This book is so brutally honest about her relationships and her life, almost as if she is sitting down having a conversation with you. So I put it down because I am not looking forward to the emotions that I anticipate coming in the later part of the book. Like I said, In my head she is my best friend.

Buy the book, its inspirational and a must read.  I can say that even though I am only halfway through.

See more of Sheila: About

Your Interior Designer / HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

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