Easy ways to make your outdoor space look amazing

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to focus on the outdoor spaces of your home. May it be big or small it still needs some attention. Make your outdoor space an extension of your interior. When you are space planning any space it is important to select zones and place furniture. Here are some tips on seating, décor, and flooring options for your outdoor spaces.
#1 Seating
This corner platform seat is so easy and perfect for a balcony.

You could also add storage underneath, for storing the cushions when needed. You could also build a corner ledge around for beverages. Upholster it with outdoor fabric with a bold pattern. I often find that the outdoor fabric has brighter color pallets with more geometric shapes and is durable and weather resistant. If your space is small then dedicate the space for solely one function in this case it is for relaxing. If you don’t have the room or budget to have built in seating installed then, then here is an option for you; jazz up some folding chairs with spray paint and some bold pattern outdoor fabric. And if you’re really want to get creative then find some dining room chairs, spice them up with paint and fabric and then nail them together to create a unique seating option that will defiantly get people talking in a good way.


Another creative way to add visual interest and seating is to create a porch swing you can make these out of wood frame, wood pallets. Add some super fabulous cushions make sure the ceiling can support it and your set to hang your soon to be favorite seat. If your ceilings aren’t strong enough to hold a swing then make it a day bed will look great both ways.

2014-03-18_1004 porch_swing_diy

#2 décor 
Adding interesting art made from natural materials with pops of color never fails in outdoor spaces. Here are my two new favorite outdoor décor I have found cannot wait to do it. Slice up some tree bark into about 2 inch think pieces paint them and hang up in any assortment that will fit your space. The mirror wall hanging is so amazing and easy to do. For this project you would just need to find some sturdy branches around your yard. Buy some adhesive mirror circles and some wires for attaching the branches together. And get to work the best part about these décor ideas is that you cannot mess them up and it will look amazing and so unique everyone will be asking you where you bought those.

2014-03-18_1005 mirrored_wood_decor

#3 Storage
Storage is key to any space it’s a way to add function . When you add shelving for example it gives function to store glass for entertaining, gardening tools or plants for growing really whatever floats your boat. Make it unique but stick to a theme don’t clutter up the space just because you have storage available. Here are some options I saw would work great with outdoor storage. All are easy to do on your own and maybe a handy man friend. Anna white has a lot of great DIY building plans. Just remember to weather proof everything you build.

2014-03-18_0955 ladder_shelf 2014-03-18_1001

#4 Flooring
Flooring is important to ground and complete the look. Outdoor rugs are easy to find and quite affordable.

images imagesCABI3GDY imagesCABT41GY

If rugs aren’t your thing than here is a really unique idea if you have some wood planks that need some refinishing. You find any wall paper you like apply it to the wood planks and sand it down to look distressed. This look isn’t for everyone but is super unique and looks really cool.

Every space you have should be visually interesting and functional. Allowing your exterior spaces to feel great is such a plus for so many reasons. I hope these ideas will help some of you get your outdoor space a topic of conversation as you create easy yet affordable changes to a space that was originally neglected.

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