Wishing You Love, Peace, and SOOOOOUULLLL!

So I woke up this Saturday after a late night out and not being able to sleep in, clicked on the TV and to my surprise SOUL TRAIN was on! After I go past how excited I was to see the show on TV, I woke my husband up and we watched, enraptured in the nostalgia of the 70’s. What they wore, how they danced, the hair, the color, and DON CORNELIUS! OMG it was all too much. These people were gettin it in (that means that they were dancing their asses off!)

yep, this is what I have been watching all morning

Now mind you, neither me or Dante (hubby) vividly remember the 70s. All we know about the era are Novas, any car made by Plymouth and that vinyl covered every damn thing. We know the 70’s from the grainy images behind polaroids.

by Mickalene Thomas


We know that our parents dressed, and dressed us horridly! Wood paneling and the color combo of the decade was orange, olive, and brown. We know that some random person thought that using hanging beads in a doorway was genius. Prints were bold, shag was the only way to go as a soft floor treatment, and if you had beef with someone, you actually had time to fist fight them, and that very same day that person was your top pick for your kickball team. 

yep. A Whole Lotta Orange and Brown.

Self expression in music, wardrobe, and decor was at an all time high. It was accepted if not stylish to be about your culture. Now I know that my 40 something and up friends may have thoughts to add to this list, but this is my vibe from those grainy images that my mother has stored in her moth ball scented albums.

my house

That pic was my earliest memory of the decor in my house. Shag Rug, Acid Trip Sofa, and a Boom Box. Did I mention there was a whole lotta orange and brown happening…

My Mom & My house

Peep the mirror – I think 50% percent of all homes had a version of that wall mirror. They would take them down, re-arrange or flip a piece, and they thought they had a whole new look! I found one while out at a vintage store in St. Louis, and the only thing that stopped me from grabbing it was the wide eyed look I got from my friend I was with.

My mother.

Hands down, in the early 70’s my moms had the most perfect afro you have ever seen.

I know – this post has mainly nothing to do with design – I am just tripping out on stories, The Dells, and the 70’s.


Tiffany B.




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