A Sneak Peak – How I used Gray to Pump Up the Color.

Lori meet my peeps – Peeps Meet Lori. Lori is my super chic client/new friend who lives in Chicago. 

Meet The Stylish Lori

When I first met Lori at her Hyde Park condo, she said her first move after the HGTV Star finale was to pick up the phone and book me. She had interviewed other designers, but others were not returning her call and had no luck in selecting the right one. 

The Before

Kitchen Before

Now I must admit – This project intimidated the hell out of me. She owns the most difficult space plan I have ever been presented with.

The Shot I took when I first walked in. The distance from her far wall to the window was just under 7 feet!

 I told her straight up – “I don’t know if I can do this…” THe measurement from the wall next to the TV was almost 7′!  With a 6.5′ deep living area there couldn’t be a furniture plan invented for this. 

Her needs – “Color, Seating, Better placement for the TV, storage, and to make it feel – bigger.” You damn right we need to make it feel bigger!


Well at least Lori definitely had her color fears out of the way. Normally designers are encouraging it with people who love the beiges.  I had to figure out how to bring in more color by taking down the color a notch. Yep. In order to bring in more color I am ditching the yellow and orange walls and painting the room gray, with charcoal trim. She thought I was smoking dope when I proposed the color plan. I just asked her to trust me. 

 I often tell folks in order to pump up the color, we have to bring down the backdrop, and Lori’s condo was my case in point. She asked me to add more color pinks, yellows – and we proceeded with construction. Yes – Construction. I had to figure out my way around the awkward floor plan, and where to put that tv. (More on what I cooked up for that solution later)

after 9 months of construction, fabrication, and ordering – and reordering here is what we have…

How it Looks now

The After

Kitchen After


the after

Try to look past the grainy images from my camera phone and basque in the dopeness of this space!

Now, the construction element was intentionally left out until we have Lori’s space shot professionally. 

Stay Tuned Peeps!

Tiffany B.

Interior Designer/HGTV HOST



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  1. Oh my stars!!! You’re right – that space is dope.. I love the color scheme you chose.. I eve like how you hung the art close to the floor…excellent! I’ve pondered doing that but thought it would look silly..but girllll you kicked it up giving it a chic look…You did a fab job!


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