2014 HGTV Smart Home in Nashville!!!

Tomorrow evening at 8/7c you will finally able able to see why I have been stalking Nashville and get a tour of the HGTV Smart Home 2014. Be sure to tune in, you will not be disappointed. This year’s house is obviously technologically (is that a word?) on point. It is built for function, a growing family, and comfort. Yes, COMFORT! And no, I am not trying to up the entries with this post, I just fell in love with the city and that ridiculous house; not to mention I grew in complete envy for the future owner! 

Well, before it airs I am dishing out on some of my favorite features of the place and Nashville too. 

Favorite Feature #1 –  The color palate. I told you that white backdrops were haute months ago, and when I walked into the house, I figured that the designers must have agreed. I love how white backdrop enhances the house’s ” Cape Cod Stay-cation” color vibe of Blues, Yellows, and Greens.

from HGTV.com


Favorite Feature #2 – The Master Bedroom. OK people. They were not playing when they designed this room. Did you know that from the bed you can adjust your shower!? More on that tomorrow evening, but yes. In that room the only thing that I would need to add is my storage for wine. Which can be retrofitted later to a piece of furniture in the bedroom.

From HGTV.com


Favorite Feature #3 – The Stage – Yep. The crib has a stage. Perfect for those inebriated nights with the friends busting out some broke-down karaoke! Not sure if me and Chris’ rendition of Proud Mary will make it to tape, but you will see more of what I am talking about tomorrow night.

Favorite Feature #4 – The Shopping. If you live or decide to live in Nashville, you have to up your boot game. I am serious folks, this seasons selections from Aldo, and Steve Madden are not cutting it here. They are all about the boot and how you rock them. And not just talking about the standard Cowboy Boot either. See what I copped from Peter Nappi below…. 

The Sofia Boot From Peter Nappi


Favorite Feature #5 – Those damn PANCAKES! – OMG! While out touring Nashville, my girl Peyton took me to the Pancake Pantry. When we got there, a line had already formed almost around the building. OK, this must be good. And honey, those Sweet Potato Pancakes were it! 

OMG! I will drive the 516 miles to Nashville for these!


Favorite Feature #6 – The People. You know how when you are in LA, you can spot a celeb in Whole Foods on any given day? Well Nashville is like that too, but the celebs are nice and will talk to you! I know! Chris and I were out at the Legendary Bluebird cafe, and BAM, right in front of us is Mario Van Peebles! You know him… the cop from New Jack City! And Guess what? He noticed and spoke to us first!!! Well, he may or may not have caught Chris sneaking a camera pic of the back of his head, but all in all, he approached us for a photo!

Mario Van Peebles, Me and Chris at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville


You will be able to see more of Nashville, the HGTV Smart Home, and MANY, MANY other details and surprise appearances tomorrow evening (April 16th) at 8/7c on HGTV!

OH – I almost forgot. You can now enter to win the house too! This year HGTV is giving away the house, a car, and 100,000 dollars cash! – Yep, the total prize is valued at over 1 million dollars!


Jacked up thing is, that If you live with me, or share one of my 2 last names, don’t enter, you can’t win – Sorry Moulton’s & Brooks’. Womp-Womp.

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host


Tiffany B. 

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  1. Tiffany your personality always shines through your blogs. I know I’m going to laugh at least once. The house is beyond amazing! You guys bring it every time.


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