Sunday Inspiration – The Classifieds.

Its official. I am addicted.  Chicago Magazines is one of my new favorite haunts for Chicago Area vintage finds. This month I have been selected as the curator for the site, and I have not been able to peel my self away from it since I joined in March. I am supposed to be cooking, showering, and packing, but instead I am sitting here scouting random things for my inventory. Now I got hubby in on it. He is currently stalking someone on Easter sunday for a record player. Damn, need about 10k like now. Well in all actuality, I need a shower and a toothbrush like now. I have found lamps, jewlery, chairs, and all have been one of a kind pieces. 

See my selections here:

And A couple others if have found.


Catch All Tray

Chairs I must get my hands on!

Navy and gold dresser

If they throw in those Lamps -I am there.


Seriously, I need to stop and make Tiffany a little more presentable. Easter dinner is at 2. Am I like the last person on earth or in Northern Illinois to know about this site? Did you see that sofa!??

Happy Easter Ya’ll!!!


Tiffany B.


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