Sunday Inspiration. Ron Woodson.

Bam. Less than a week to go, before we celebrate being black and on top of our game in interior design. This year, I was put on the Top 20 African American Interior Designers list – WOOT-WOOT! We are heading to ATL this week to turn up! (Ha – I can’t believe I just said that!) Well, to put it plainly I am excited about my upcoming trip.

And insanely nervous.

I mean take a look at the list ya’ll, it’s pretty amazing. To be in the likes with designers that have done everyone from the Clintons to some of Bravo’s Housewives is humbling. To be able to meet them next week is beyond mind blowing! While I have had a really, REALLY great year in design – I still feel as if I don’t deserve to be with these heavy hitters, again my humility is kicking in. To calm this – I am just calling myself the Rookie of the Year!

My inspiration today – Ron Woodson. Who happens to be one of the designers sharing the list of the Top 20. Him

Sigh – to wake up and go to bed this chic.

He partners up with the ever-so-stylish Jaime Rummerfield in L.A. to make magic happen daily. Visit them and more of their design eye candy here.

Stay Blessed,

Your Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks

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