The 2014 Kips Bay Show House. A Tour

One of the most infamous show-houses in the World! I have never been, but have spent many a late night hour drooling over the images in the Kips Bay past showhomes. Here – straight ganked from Architectural Digest & Domaine Home is a peek inside the Manhattan location.

Click the first photo and scoll through.

Well… To be honest, even though some of these spaces knocked my socks off, it is not my favorite showhouse year. I loved the 2013 Greystone Mansion In Beverly Hills, but that was probably because I felt that I was a part of the drama watching Million Dollar Decorators! With Beverly Hills’ 60th anni as the backdrop of the newest Greystone’s Showhouse – this one is gauranteed to be even more over the top.

Next week I will be posting images from the Atlanta Symphony Showhouse, friend Michel Boyd did his thang!!

Here is a glimpse of that….


Your Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks

4 replies

  1. The blue paint on that paneling – it’s beautiful! Tiffany, if you had to come up with a few must-haves for homes this summer season, what would they be? Just curious!


    • An outdoor space to live for! I absoluetly love my patio now Its an extnesion of my home. Also Slipcovers on the sofa – especially for those of us who have the poluester “microfiber ones” A white slip cover with color packed pillows is just perfpect for those summer days!


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