So party people, I have diagnosed myself with vertigo, and have been horizontal for the past 2 days. With that, I have finally got around to putting up more deets about our online design options. Laura K. (our Lead eDesigner) has been riding me since Christmas Eve about this! Well L – HERE -YOU – ARE . . .

Aside from putting a smile on her face, The Virtual Design option is really cool. In a matter of 3 weeks you get our style for about a third of the cost that you would have if I came to your home in the flesh. Not only is it perfect for the DIY’er but, you also get freedom to work at your own pace. Win-Win!

I am still tweaking our web presence so would love to hear your honest feedback. click the pic below to read more.

click to read more

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  1. Hey everyone I am so excited about this service we are offering its a great way to save money and have your home looking fabulous !! Looking forward to working with you all now the question is which room do you want to start with???


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