So. It’s Father’s Day.

I don’t normally hate on a Hallmark holiday, but truth be told I cannot stand Father’s Day! It has absolutely nothing to do with me being self-centered or selfish, but it always overshadows my damn birthday! Every single year I am neglected. Well, not every year, but pretty damn close.

Usually every year my husband and I go back and forth about what we’re going to do, and what event we are going to celebrate; my birthday or Father’s Day. We are typically forced to have to make a choice about the weekend plans because I’m sure people don’t want to come to our house twice in one week. So…our logic is to celebrate Father’s Day;  kinda a celebrate more people (all the guys in the family) in one day theory – sigh.

This year we did something different. We celebrated my birthday two weeks early. Dante (my husband) got a batch of our friends together and had a small party at a bar for me. It was supposed to be a surprise. But my husband can’t hold water. He started acting out of character about a week or so before the day. I caught on quick and figured he was trying to get me out the house. So I pried and found out that yes in fact he was having a party, and along the way found out where it was, and everyone who’s going to be in attendance. SURPRISE. Even though I had fun. I still feel like I get the shaft.

When I stepped back to think about it, we actually had to move my birthday in order to make room for Father’s Day, and other blackouts in our schedule. I guess it really doesn’t matter because my birthday falls on Tuesday this year – officially the most boring day of the week. OAN: I just bought my husband’s Father’s Day gift, and while I was paying for it I realized that he didn’t give me anything for Mother’s Day! Tell me, am I being a colossal ungrateful bitch this year, or what? He told me he didn’t get a gift because his grand plans fell through. HELLOOOOOO SHAFT!

So now I’m like six paragraphs into this and I totally forgot what the hell I was going to post about.

That’s right, perfect rooms for the man in your life. I felt inspired to do this post because of all the Father’s Day e-mails that are flooding my inbox. Side note: Sears must have to pay a hell of a lot in marketing expenses.

“Get this great gift for dad”,

“Upgrade dads phone this year”,

“Get the new iPad for dad”…..

How about hiring designer to get your dude’s messy-stank-ass-man-cave in order this year?! Guess I am feeling some type of way this weekend. I know the above 500 or so words about me secretly hating Father’s Day probably killed all chances of anyone hiring me as a gift for the dad in their life,  but at the very least I can show you the showcase of masculine rooms I initially meant to talk about.

Now Ladies- There are rules to this ish. Designing for a man is way different design for a woman/family.   rules to masuline design Happy Fathers Day Fellas! Oh – ladies if you still want to hire me as a gift, there is still time. Email us here: Or see my work at YAYDECOR.   Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host Tiffany Brooks

3 replies

  1. Omg – you crack me up! I suppose this is how my brother feels about having a birthday so close to Christmas.
    Happy Birthday! At least your husband threw you a party – it says a lot to have him make the effort. I’m still a little bitter that I had to throw my own 40th this year, even after all the years of blatantly telling him that he really should throw me a party for my 40th… He didn’t take the hint.
    I have to say that I love all the inspiration pics – most I think I’ve pinned at some point – does that make me masculine? 😉 wish you were closer so I could hire you to help with our house. Of course, of you’re ever in south Florida, give me a call!


  2. Too, too funny, Buttttt…..You really need to “STOP” celebrating Father’s Day and celebrate “Your” birthday on your birthday each and every year!!!!!!! Shame on your hubby! (pointer finger swaying from left to right). The Interior design rooms are nice, but like most men lack personality. But, I do love your design style. Give them a 10′ x 10′ room sound proof, with a flatscreen, liquor, cigar, (optional), naked pictures of females, (again optional, or males) and call it a day! BAM! Celebrate your birthday baby girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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