Wilmette, IL. Before and After. By Me. YAY!


One of my FAV clients who has been with me since I was a babe in the game enlisted me to add some oomph to her forgotten space. We even renamed it to The Entertaining Room.  Now thats some other level type ish – when you go around re-naming rooms like that.

And People – I T   I S   F A B U L O U S !

See before and afters below.

Tiffany Brooks, YAYdecor

The Before

Tiffany Brooks, YAYdecor 1

The After

After 1 After 8 After 6 After 4 After 2 Tiffany Brooks, YAYdecor

I had to shake the dirt off my shoulders with this one!

Your Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks





Want Me to add some umph to your space – Click here to set up a phone call with me to get started!

12 replies

  1. Absolutely stunning…. I love the way you went back to white walls and it is anything but plain — just bright, airy, and calming.


  2. Hello I’m Juliana and I’m Brasilian girl and I live in Switzerland.
    I don’t speak and understand english very well, but I loved your blog and every thing that hath…Beautiful!


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