Combing Atlanta: The Vintage Scene.

I have been filming in Atlanta for the past couple of months working on a project with HGTV. I can’t (or at least I think I can’t) give any details on that yet so stay tuned… With my many, MANY trips out there I have come to know the vintage furnishings scene very well. One place I fell in love with is Paris on Ponce. It’s super dope!

So, I took pics of a couple of the treasures I found in the store – I lie – I may have well shot the whole damn catalog for the spot.

Click any of the images to see a larger version.

Good Right!?

I know!!

Just for you, I  snagged this map of the best vintage spots in ATL –

Vintage Map

Here are links to all of the fabulous places on this map!

My Favorite Place

Broad Street Antique Mall

Rust N’ Dust Antiques

Antique Factory

Atlanta Vintage Books

Decatur Estate & Wayback Antiques

Kudzu Antiques

Antiques and Beyond


Vintabella Boutique


Savvy Snoot

14th Street Antique Market

Lucky Exchange

Fainting Couch

Scarlett Loves Rhettro

Paris On Ponce

Buffalo Exchange

Highland Row Antiques

Wax ‘N’ Facts

Psycho Sisters

The Clothing Warehouse

Ambrose Vintage Clothing


City Issue


Atlanta Auction Gallery

Value Village

Starlight Six Swap Meet

Scott Antique Market


ATLiens you can thank me later!

Many Blessings

Tiffany Brooks






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