Transforming a Room With Molding

 (Sponsored by Metrie)

If you are staring at a room with 4 walls, a door and no personality, one of the best ways to transform the space is with the use of molding. Crown molding, taller base boards, and picture rail molding can add depth and drama to a room where none exists. Your room instantly looks more upscale, finished, and the perceived value is enhanced.

While the choices in molding are vast there are some simple rules to follow. When choosing a molding make sure it matches the style and existing architecture of your home. For example traditional moldings will not work in a midcentury modern tri level home. In traditional spaces with high ceilings, your home can typically handle a more ornate style molding. For additional drama combining 2 or more moldings is a great idea. If you own a simple, contemporary home, select a molding that has a simpler profile, or less decorative trimmings and ornaments.

Ceiling height is also key when selecting your molding. For taller ceilings, 10’ or taller, a room can handle a molding that is 7” or more. Rooms that are more standard height, those 8 – 9’ rooms your crown molding should be no more than 6”. A common trick that more experienced designers would use is to carry the wall color on to the ceiling, and use the molding there. This creates an illusion that the ceiling is higher than what it actually is.

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On Metrie’s site they feature a pretty handy quiz to grab your style in moldings and trim.

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Stay Blessed All!

Tiffany Brooks

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  1. Use these colors when you are adding playful decorations
    or animal motifs. Be on the lookout for color, texture, design, contrast.
    Also, the home decor can greatly influence your mood and help in relieving stress after a long
    day at work.


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