Sunday Inspiration. On a Monday. SOUL DETOX.

First – please excuse the typos in this post, I am writing this in haste.

I was in a horrible funk this weekend. Not necessarily mean, however very somber and filled with overwhelming sadness. Normally I wake up on Sunday’s with coffee in hand, ready to blog to my hearts desire and  spend te rest of my day with the family.

Yesterday – not so much.

9am I had church via TV with Joel Osteen. I did not shower, I just woke up and sat on my sofa alone, barely watching, hardly listening. The message was about how our main duty as Christians was to love with no strings (judgement) attached. He was totally on point, however, instead of joyful, I felt empty, sad, and overwhelmed. Hubby finally woke up 10:30 AM and wondered why I did not wake him for church – I simply shrugged my shoulders and said “I knew you were tired from yesterday.” After he ate breakfast he immediately started his devotional at the kitchen table. I realized by 11AM I had not eaten. I preparred myself a small plate, sat next to him and ate. Half way into my eating he must have noticed the sadness in me. He simply said,

“You need to read this.”

He was holding his ipad with a Bible app. “Well duh – we all should read that!”

“No – This is a soul detox, not a detox for your body but for your soul. I am reading through this and a lot of it sounds like things you say.”

He found this reading plan on YouVersion, the Bible app on our ipads. It really was called Soul Detox. Its a 35 day devotional plan aimed at clearing the toxic thoughts we all experience in our heads.

The first devotional “Our thoughts matter so much. The thought really does count because what you think determines what you become. Unfortunately, most of us tend to be held captive by toxic thoughts, rather than focusing our thoughts on God’s truth. This week you will read from God’s Word about the dangers of toxic thoughts and how you can replace them with God’s truth.

How have your toxic thoughts negatively affected your life and relationships?”

Huh I don’t think this Post It in my hand has enough room!

Lets see:

– I constantly compare my design work to other designers, seeing all kinds of error and room for improvement in my work. (I am crippling and limiting myself)

– I compare my body type to other women – even though I constantly catch my husband staring and groping me like  a piece of meat. (Instead of being healthy and appreciating my husbands fondness for me, I ignore my health and at times my husband)

-I fill my head with lists! LONG, never ending list, that I pressure myself into trying complete everyday. (I set myself up for failure)

– Once I don’t finish my list, I feel as if I should be punished (ok that one is weird, even for me)

-I tell myself that I am a horrible mom and wife because I work so much (This impacts my attitude towards my immediate family)

-I loose sleep in the middle of the night, because i am worried about not getting everything done, and letting down my clients, family, and colleagues.

-I am terrified of failing, and I think about the day I will fail all the time!

O-M-GAH! I have totally toxic thoughts!! I never realized how heavy, and destructive these were until I wrote them down. Its like the piece of paper itself weighed 5 pounds. I put the plan aside, and decided to go about working (or trying to catch up on work) and I realized I kept doing it. Thoughts of failure, comparing myself to others, etc…. WOW.

I am first to know how blessed my life is. I am also keenly aware that each of us reaches the finish line in our own lane and our own path. I also know that I am not alone out there – with my toxic thoughts. We are so used to having these negative thoughts in our heads, and we wonder why we repeat the behaviors that get us absolutely nowhere! Or we end up and stay in situations, that we feel we do not deserve to get out of.

Here is a link to the Soul Detox: Christian or not – this new “detoxed”way of thinking will help the masses:

“We are not a body with a soul. We are a soul with a body. While the world rightly teaches us to detox our bodies, sometimes we need to detox our soul.”

Stay Blessed!

Tiffany Brooks


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  1. Wow and thank you for your transparency. I can relate and writing a list. BTW…we are in fact moving back to Illinois. So…we are looking and will be in touch once we touch base back in IL.

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  2. Wow! God bless you baby. Im happy that telling you about that devotional helped. You know im here every minute. I may not have all the answers right away or the ones that you want to hear, but at the very least I can just hold you when you feel these feelings.
    Love you baby cakes!

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  3. This post came exactly at the right time for me thanks so much for sharing !! I am constantly doing the same stuff comparing my work making never ending lists and so on. I was in a some what of a funk all weekend even after our great week. So glad you wrote this thanks Tiffany!


  4. This post came exactly at the right time for me thanks so much for sharing !! I am constantly doing the same stuff comparing my work making never ending lists and so on. I was in a some what of a funk all weekend even after our great week. So glad you wrote this thanks Tiffany!


  5. Do not — do not — do not — compare yourself to another designer. That is just poison for the soul of a designer. I catch myself often doing this and know how you feel. So I shut it down immediately and remind myself of how happy a particular client was with my work. Tiffany, you were on TV for gosh sakes!! You have many talents. Just be yourself and everything will fall into place. In my now “mature” years, I have come to realize and accept that our very own individual talents can be just what another person needs. (as in client) You have many special clients just waiting for your special touch. So take a deep breath and remind yourself of all your blessings. Then it’s all little baby steps from there.

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    • Thank you Carol. For YEARS I have compared my self and always have that feeling of “why didn’t I think of that!” You are 100% right it is totally poison to my soul. I have been waking up every morning and actually listing my blessings. When I list my struggles, it is amazing how the blessings side outweighs my hurdles!


  6. Thank you for this post! And thank you for sharing His truth! In this fast paced world it is so difficult to remember to breathe. I love that God tells us to be still and know. That’s my challenge to myself during this new, back-to-school season. Amid the chaos of daily living, I’m determined to be still and know that he is good.

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  7. Tiffany, you are an inspiration. I’ve newly subscribed to your blog, but I watched your season of Design Star and immediately loved your personality and work. Your post was honest, refreshing, and spiritually renewing at a time where I have been challenged by thoughts of the corporate life that I left behind in order to pursue my passion in the design world. Thank you for you candor and for bringing it back to where the focus needs to be – enjoying the gifts and walking the path that God has uniquely provided to us.


    • Cheryl – It means a ton hearing this from you. Sometimes when we are in the public eye, we are expected to be perfect and complete. But I (like everyone else) am still a work in progress!
      Many Blessings!


  8. thank you for that… it’s so amazing how we need to constantly ‘self check’ ourself and detox those things that’s stopping us to be the person God created us to be… God bless and I am very encouraged by this….


    • Thank you!

      I have been going back and re-reading days on the soul detox. Its amazing how much my thought process has changed. I feel that I make differences in peoples lives with just a compliment, or an inspirational word. Its crazy how those small things can bring life to people.


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