Artist Spotlight. Alonso Bedolla.

For those of you who get my updates, (you can sign up here) know that I am on an art kick this month. In my latest newsletter I went over ways to live with art in your home. I got a perfectly timed email last night about an artist named Alsonso Bedolla. I was simply told that I have to see his work. The email sender is a friend of mine who knows I favor Figurative  and Abstract works respectively. Take a look see at this mans collection:

This is Alonso

This is Alonso

sculpture sculpture 2 alonso bedolla5 alonso bedolla alonso bedolla 8 alonso bedolla 7 alonso bedolla 6 Alonso Bedolla 4 alonso bedolla 2 Alonso Bedolla 1

Amazing right? see a ton more of his work here:

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

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  1. I work with the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, NC and we do this great program with community supported art where local artists make art for shareholders. It’s such a unique way to help people accessorize with art! And once you catch the art bug, your walls suddenly become your personal canvases. It’s great!


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