My Secret Resource.

I have a secret. No, not a “I secretly have a third leg” secret, but a well kept design secret.

I recently joined a Chicago-based online design network, Refined Haystack  This new site is a hyper-local online resource where designers, showrooms and stores come together to connect, share feedback and information, inspire ideas and facilitate the design process.

So far, the site has proven to be a great resource for finding hidden treasures around Chicago. I repeat, secret hidden design treasures can be found all over town! Refined Haystack’s catered store and showroom selection shows a local expertise that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else! They rely on the recommendations from other designers for the store selections, locations, etc.

I always get clients who take a look at finished rooms that an interior designer completed, and say “I want that!” Most of the time those one of a kind pieces are found and sourced right here locally.

Classic Remix1

Classic Remix1

Pavilion Antiques

Pavilion Antiques

The Find

The Find

The Painted Lady

The Painted Lady

Check out the site, and make sure to stop by my profile while you’re there:

Many Blessings

Tiffany Brooks

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