YAY! Black Friday

So I am mixing it up around here this year. I am actually participating in the Black Friday madness!!!

I am deciding to go out in the cold with the other fools, while I am still full from the thanksgiving meal I just had.

Yep – I am going to subject myself to the crowds, the pushing, the long lines, and endless double tall peppermint lattees that are sure to turn me into a raving bitch before the noon hour hits.

What is on my shopping list this year???

1 – A TV for my man. (Walmart) Yep. I think I am getting him a 60″ smart TV for like 4 dollars.

2. – A laptop for my Mom (Walmart) for $159!!!! I mean Lets be honest, she is 70, has no idea what the internet is, but it will be the most advanced solitaire game she has ever played.

3. – A 3D Printer for Me, YES! a 3D Printer see the link:


I have no idea what I am going to do with the printer, other than take over the free world!

4. Crap for Everyone Else. – This will include a $9.79 blender and food processor combo for my niece and nephew (they are married so I can now by them one gift!), any marked down video game for my great niece, and a no brand named tablet for pops!

As I calculate it I will be out no more than 342 dollars for the entire family. This total does not include my time traveling printer and my 11 year old. Who may just end up with a sack of oranges and tuna this year.

So yes. I am excited, jolly, merry, and all of those other christmas adjectives you can find! (Can you tell that I have started throwing back the lattes!!??

I am also doing a little selling on my end. I started a Black Friday sale of my own at YAYDECORONLINEDESIGN.COM.

I am giving $300.00 of any e-design package and have already had a AMAZING response. The sale started this morning and I woke up to a number of notifcations that we had a number of purchasers!!! YAY!!!

IT really does make the PERFECT gift for new homeowners, bachelors, wives, and anyone else that needs a style boost in their home.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

and as always, Many Blessings!

Tiffany B.


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