2014 Holiday Gift Guide – For The Ladies.

2014 Gift Guide

#1Valentino zipper bag / – $2745. This is for the girl who has been VERY good this year. It is so pretty, and as I type this I am getting a crazy ass side eye look from my husband.
#2Necklace / – $198 – I love the simplicity of this. It’s the perfect combination of femme and rock and roll.
#3 Alabaster jewelry box / – $50 – Totally multifunctional. Can be used for jewlry and other bedside storage.
#4  Kate Spade cheetah print glove / – $168 – Everygirl needs a lil cheetah print.
#5 Jayson Home wall art /  $168 – Cute and perfect to use in the office as a paperweight, or on a stack of books on the coffee table.
#6 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania peplum coat, / $925 – This coat is BADASS! Can you imagine trotting around town with this draped around your body!
#7 Food storage container / $350 – Okay, so this is one of those unisex gifts that “she” will pack. But ladies there is nothing more romantic than a spontaneous picnic on his lunchour…
#8 Camera / $299 – So, this Sony camera was more stylish then anything. I have always wanted a white camera, I think the color white is neither buth or overly girly.
#9 Byredo vanilla scented candle,  / $94 – I know what your thinking. Especially if you roll with me. “WTF Tiffany – A ninety-four dollar camera!!??” Yes. I have smelled this one and the scent is addicting!
#10 Converse gray shoes / $60 – These are the cutest most stylish girl tennis shoes I have seen in a minute! I can’t wait to troll around town with these on my feet.
#11 AVANT NOTEBOOK / $40 – By Madaam Kelly Wearstler. This notebook was just too funky to pass up.
#12 Impossible Instant Lab / $199 – Can you imagine printing out you Instagram pics instantly, and with an old school polaroid feel to them?
#13 Darren Waterson / $50 – As most things I put on this bog are…This was a selfish pic. I collect Interior Design table top books, and this one seems like my pick for this year.
#14 MQuan star home decor /  $180 – Ummm two sets please! This set is perfect for entertaining – stylishly.

So people – there you have it, my 2014 gift line up for the ladies. Stay tuned for the boys.
Many Blessings
Tiffany Brooks

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