2014 Holiday Gift Guide – For The Fellas. Dante’s 2 Cents.

Hey all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! This is Dante, Tiffany’s husband and all around awesome guy! Tiffany wanted me to lend my input on some Christmas gift ideas for the guys. If you see below there is a nice graphic of some cool gifts, from toys to accessories. Scroll down, take a look-see and then see what I think about her choices.


2014 Gift Guide

 #1. Michael Kors Watch / $225 / Michael Kors watch. Now I am a fan of nice watches. I would be pretty happy to find this under our tree on Christmas morning.
#2. 14k Gold Slinky / $149 / Sounds cool, but if I found that Tiff bought me a Slinky for $150, we taking that back to the store the next morning!

#3. Jayson Home Bone Dominos / $395 / Now, for $400, these dominos better be made out of Michael Jackson’s bones! SHAMONE!

#4. Shoes /$1345 / Valentino Hard Walk Derby shoes…I don’t know who Valentino is and why some shoes with his name on them are $1345! I’ll stick to $40 Chuck Taylors!

#5. MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer / $1275 / Ok, this is pretty cool that someone, let alone, DELL has a device like this! I don’t know why I would need this, but I would be printing up all kinds of 3D crap!

#6. Coach Bleecker Commuter In Leather / $598 / Now, I dig messenger bags, and this is a nice one! I hope to get one similar to this for Christmas!

#7. MH30 / $349 / I already own some Beats headphones, but these are dope looking! I don’t think music lovers can have enough headphones!

#8. Official World Poker Tour Set in Hard Wood Chest: Perfect Poker Set… / $349 / This is a great gift for guys! I can think of a number of fellas who would love this poker set!

#9. Yoshimoto Cube No.1 / $65 / This would either keep me busy for a couple hours or make me chuck it out the window! LOL! Overall, cool gift. Something to go on the desk at work to mess with while on boring conference calls.

#10. CLIC Wooden iPhone 6 Case / $40 / These cases are really dope. I am a Galaxy guy myself, I wish they made these for Samsung.

#11. Stainless steel cross pendant / $59 / Ehh, it’s cool, kinda.

#12.  Theory Baxter of California Shave Kit / $55 / Men need a good shaving kit! When we get a good shaving in, for some reason we feel like we can do anything! Great gift for that hairy faced man of yours!

#13. Pilsner beer glasses /$50 / Again, another great gift for that special guy. It’ll take Miller Time to a whole nutha level.

I hope this helps any woman struggling with what to get their husband, father, or whoever. Merry Christmas to you all!!
God bless!
 me and tae

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