Interior Designers confessional the holiday shopping and gift giving addition…

The holidays are the times to bring people together and dress fancy and buy lots of presents. With all that comes stress, and yes on occasion a few panic attacks in stores because you can’t decide on what to get and if it is worth spending your hard-earned money on. There is always that first thing I do is order my Christmas cards. This is a task to many as easy and fun for me it is a 12 hour work day of finding the perfect design and pairing it with the best picture. I go from site to site I usually always find the best ones at minted, paper source, tiny prints, and this year from simply to impress. Which they did! They arrived in a gift box with a thank you card all the details I appreciate. I went with a Black and white photo with red and white stripes with gold lining in the envelopes.

The second thing I do is find my wrapping paper for the season this is a tedious task, these are when the panic attacks set in the moment I can’t decide between the black and white stripe or plaid wrapping paper. I went with the Black and white stripes of course. I don’t know why but I am a sucker for stripes and when you add red, green, and gold your golden no pun intended. In the weeks even months before the holidays I would drag my husband to target, paper source, home goods, Michael s which ever store I didn’t hit yet. To find that perfect wrapping paper that will represent my creative ability as an interior designer. There is a lot of pressure on us designers to find there perfect little detail to every gift we give. With that said , I would stand there facing the options at each store pondering over options that r I could not get myself to cave and give in the perfect pattern and design had to be out there I just had to find it. I feel the pressure of an interior designer to come up with the best wrapped gift at the party’s and under the tree because every time you walk by your tree you smile knowing you did a good job. I went with a black and white stripe background to a holiday season filled with metallic and glam.

The 3rd thing I do is buy gifts.
First and for most you MUST go to the store with a list of the items you are looking for if you don’t then you end up like me with a cart full of stuff I want for my own house. Yes I am a huge home goods treasure hunter! The last-minute gift guide I am going to bring you next should be sponsored by home goods instead it’s sponsored by my bank account that isn’t liking me right now. Shopping is another skill to master. In stores that are packed with people and products it is a must to know how to maneuver the crowds without wanting to smack a bitch and get the perfect gift off the shelf and leave you and your bank account happy. The problem is when I get home from what I think is a successful shopping trip I realized that 99% of the items are all things I would love to get for Christmas I end up shopping for myself. If I love it then the other person must too. My trick is to go to home goods on Thursday Mornings those are the days that they get new inventory. But since it’s too late to do that with Christmas being only 6 days away go on Monday morning and search for the goods they are out there I was just there yesterday and I found so many things that I had to take and sadly had to leave behind maybe for one of you to pick up. Here are a few things I had to leave behind and some that are under my tree.

This giant candle is amazing for anyone it is great for a winter long decor piece in your home and it will last a life time and get this it was only… wait for it $29 yes I know too good to be true but it’s real life.

This Homemade Gin making kit is a great gift for any man in your life plus it comes in a cool wooden box that the Mrs. Can use for storage or decor all year round. The price for this was one $24 I was so sad to leave it at the store.

Here’s a little gift set for the bride to be in your life that is stressed and needs a little chocolate, wine, and some thank you cards… The Wine is Modern House wine I love their bottles they come with all sayings but for the bride to be this was perfect. The thank you cards match her wedding decor and even have a striped envelope lining for under $4 the chocolates was also found at home goods and under $4. All under $20

We all have that group of your best friends who get together to do their annual gift exchange. This year the price limit was $20. So I got a little thrifty. The amazing cosmetic tote that I love so much comes in three different styles from Michael’s because of the amazing deals going on right now. I threw in some Some make up sets that actually are ones with great color palettes. I catered the colors to each girl. And Some other cool other beauty essentials.

What I got for my mom also under $20. A throw blanket I scored months ago in the clearance section at target. A ceramic cardinal with a gold beak, because she loves cardinals and I love white and gold so of course I had to get it. I also bought her a candle from home goods they have the best candles that are soy based and super affordable! And lastly I bought her a bath and body works room diffuser since she always wants to know why my house smells so good. The trick is this room diffuser, They really work well I use them all the time and apparently my house smells great! But when you find a sent you like stock up!

OK one of my favorite gifts this year that I bought , I purchased doubles of all these items because I wanted it myself, Yes I do that on occasion when I cannot live without it which happens a lot ha-ha. OK so I paired this blanket scarf that I also scored months ago at charming Charlie for under $20 , a set of monogrammed stationary, and lastly but most defiantly not least my favorite buy this holiday season is this Large magnified glass with metal coral handle this is a great gift for anyone you know that has style. This can be used for an office or home decor piece place on top of coffee table books, or simply on a console table whatever makes you happy. And get this it only cost $6 I could not believe it either so I bought 2 I would of bought more if they had them.

Get a little creative with gift giving. I like to buy things for the home or something someone can wear. I like it to be functional but defiantly have some style and thought put into it. I will always be this way till the day I die but at least I know I put a lot of love into each and every gift I give and the packaging is so worth it it’s all in the details , that makes the big picture so great. As the calendar days seem to fly so freaking fast, you need to make sure that no matter what wrapping paper, Christmas card design and holiday outfit later. It’s about whom you are with and how they make you feel and that goes for your home too. Oprah once said, “Your home should rise up and greet you when you walk in”. So treat your home, the people you love and your bank account well this holiday season! Happy Holidays all!


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