Things You Need Not To Do With Your Decor This Year.

So on my Facebook news feed this morning House Beautiful posted design trends that need to go away..

Here is the list:

Here are the first 2 on their list that really hits the damn nail on the head!

FROM HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: “1. INSPIRATIONAL PHRASES: Our Facebook fan Annalisa Davis predicted that come 2015 we’ll no longer see inspirational phrases and words like “Live, Laugh, Love” pop up in home decor.”

contemporary-home-decor original_live-laugh-love-wall-sticker-quote

I have a certain girlfriend out there that knows all too well how I feel about these. LOL! I believe that if you are older than 15 you should NOT have this anywhere visible in your home. I am not hating on the vision boards with quotes, etc. Just please peel those words of your wall, and kindly take down those plaques you found at Hobby Lobby.

“FROM HOUSE BEAUTIFUL” 2. CHEVRON: Several of our readers, including McGee Meredith and Lyn Hassinger Buerkett, have had enough of this pattern, which has been popular for a few years now.”

chevron 1

Chevron is so OVAH! I am so sick of seeing it everywhere done in so many different ways. I promise if I see one more chevron pattern I will poke my eyes out with a letter opener! On a side note… It will be back. trends tend to recycle themselves. See the below sofa my family owned from the early 70’s to the very late 80’s:


Yep. This is the sofa I was raised with. RIP – 1987


Number 5 On the list was:

“FROM HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: 5. ACCENT WALLS: Our Facebook fan Amy Christine Lesher says that accent walls will fall by the wayside in 2015, as the trend has not gotten better with age.”


AGREED!!! Frankly I never understood accent walls. I have tried to make them work in many a client project, but it just feels, well, dated… Now, I admit I am still all about accent a wall with wallpaper as you can see from a recent install of mine:

By Tiffany Brooks

By Tiffany Brooks

Wallpaper as an accent wall make sense for so many different reasons. First and foremost wallpaper is chic, with that chicness can come an expensive price tag. Doing a single wall of chic cuts the wallpapering bill substantially.

The rest of the list, I cannot relate to… I am fine with all the other trends that they say are going out, but I do have some to add…

*Buying Furniture In Sets… 

room group Ashley

From Ashley Furniture

I am so sorry for those of you reading this that just took advantage of an Ashley Furniture Room Group Sale. What you bought may be played out. Especially if you have a matching set of tables. I warned y’all about this years ago!


*The Industrial Look –



I am not sure about you however I am so over furniture looking like it was found in a steel mill that closed 30 years ago. Sorry but the look should have went away a while ago.

I am dying to know what design trends are you over! Especially if you are a designer. What are you sick of seeing people decorate their houses with?

Be Blessed – I am.

Tiffany Brooks

9 replies

  1. Way tired of grommet draperies and shag area rugs. Ugh! One more think art that matches the furniture. Choose art because it moves you not because it matches a throw pillow on your sofa.


    • Great comment! You are so right about grommet drapes. It is often a great idea to start with amazing art. I read that designers often start with art and accessories then build a room around that.


  2. A-freaking-men! I never understood why people had to put a sign up to tell them what you should do in each room (EAT in the kitchen, LAUNDRY in the laundry room, WASH YOUR HANDS in the bathroom). Did they think people would get confused? 😛


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