New Year, New Decor. Part 2.

Morning All!

It’s Friday, half of you all got paid.

So let me get a quick Woot-Woot, with your arms pumping up in the air.

Now to the business. Last week I posted steps 1 and 2 on how to get your home as fabulous as you are. Weekly, I am going to be posting about the 12 steps needed in getting you there, 2 steps at a time. As I promised, if you stick with me on this, come February, you should be well on your way to a stylish place of residence.

Need to catch up? Click here and head to the first Blog Post: Let’s Do Something About Your Decor: Steps 1 & 2

Step #3 & Your Big Idea:

You have your inspiration, and you have dissected all of what you love about your inspirational images to buzzwords. Step 3 is short and sweet. It is all about writing an essay, or an elevator speech to what you want your space to be. You are going to use the pages you wrote out last week and summarize an idea, that will be the sum of the overall feel we are going for in your space. Not sure what to write? Here is some inspiration:

“I want my Living Room to feel light and airy. It should be casual  full of nature inspired colors and materials. I would like to use colors that are Light, neutral, and tones of white. I can bring in dark grays to ground the space. In my living room I want tons of natural light, I also would like to install spot lighting, if my budget allows. I found that I loved flooring that is dark. I would prefer to use wide plank hardwoods. I love the beachy look of sisal rugs! It would make my space more stylish to use a soft wool Area rug over the sisal…”

I came up with that mini essay using all of the words we generated in Step #2. Even if you stop at this step and hand it to an interior decorator for them to take over you would be far ahead of the game, saving her time in designing, and saving you money in design fees!

However – You promised yourself that you would complete this project on your own, so lets march onward – so get to writing.

Worksheet from the Book "12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors"

Worksheet from the Book “12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors”

If you have downloaded the eBook “12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors” You can use the above worksheet I provided there to write the essay. Otherwise software such as Evernote, or a simple notebook will suffice.

Step #4 – Making your Room Work With Function

Your room has to work doesn’t it? No – I do not mean personifying your room, and envisioning it going out an entering the workforce. I mean your room has to work, or function for your daily needs.

Here is a Story:

You are out looking at furniture for your newly purchased home. You have a rec room that you are dying to furnish, because you need to have a housewarming party in 2 weeks. You go from store to store. You stop at Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and your final stop before giving up is Restoration Hardware. Upon walking in you see them… the perfect Chesterfield leather chairs. You immediately envision your self and a buddy in your brand new rec room watching football on Sunday afternoon. Then you see on the tag that they are giving you 20% off if you take the perfectly conditioned floor models that are ready for delivery. You have the salesperson write up the order and schedule delivery to your home that day.

Well hot damn! Look at that. You will have your new furniture in a couple of days AND you saved money! Your spouse (who is out of town) will be completely over the moon with your prompt and clever efforts.

Fast forward to delivery day… They arrive. Still in perfect condition and the oversized scale adds the perfect masculine touch to that rec room. You test drive your new chairs immediately. They are comfortable, rustic, and perfect.

You hear keys opening the door. Your spouse and your kids come running in from their out of town trip. You immediately call them down to the rec room to show them your found treasures. Your spouse comes down the stairs following the kids, whom have now piled up on the other chair, and says….”Where am I supposed to sit?”

Your heart sinks. You begin feverishly rearranging the chairs to prove to them that a sofa can also fit down there as well. After five failed attempts and a hurt back of rearranging those heavy over sized chairs you realize you cannot fit a sofa in that rec room with both of the chairs still being there.

You begin to hurriedly look for the receipt. You call the Restoration Hardware that you purchased the chairs from to find out their return policy. The nice sales person that wrote up your order kindly reminds you that they were a final sale, floor model and therefore non-returnable.


So there you are over $1300.00 down the drain because you did not plan for the function of your rec room.

That is a true story. This was the situation that was described to me by the spouse (the one that was out of town) when they called me for help.

Determining the function of your room determines everything. It tells you what type of furniture you need, how many, what type, and as illustrated in the example above, what size furniture you need. It cannot be a fleeting thought when considering your rooms key functions.

Function is a first cousin to comfort and convenience. If your room plans to be a dining room to host 12 people, for 7 course dinner parties, we need it to have a long table, appropriate lighting, and 12 comfortable chairs. With knowing how you want your room to work, we can now build a list of the necessary tools to do so.

Now is the time for you to jot down your thoughts on how you wish this room to work.

For example: Living Room –

  1. Watching TV
  2. Parties with the ability to seat up to 10 people
  3. Listening to music
  4. A place to read
  5. A place to surf the internet
  6. A place for our dog to sit…..

And so on and so on. When you are spelling out your room’s functions, if at all possible ask everyone who lives there for their input. You’d be surprised that your son or daughter may have opinions on how they would like to utilize the living room. So spend some time writing down all of your rooms functions. Of course – I have a worksheet for that!

Function Worksheet from my eBook

Function Worksheet from my eBook

The above gives you an idea on how to list your rooms functions. The image of the worksheet is included in my e-book

Still with me? Come back next week for me breaking down function and us starting a shopping list.


Wanna read ahead?

I don’t blame you. I hate waiting too. You can download “12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors” (the entire e-book) by clicking the image here:

12 steps

The book comes with all of the done for you worksheets and guides that you will need to get started on your space.

Many Blessings!

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

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