Part 3. New Year New Decor.

What’s Up!!!

First of all. I have to apologize for neglecting you all this past week. The turn of the new year has been insane for my firm, and sometimes I just crash at 8pm with a glass of wine and the TV locked to Bravo. My Bad. We are going to add in some steps to catch up on the weeks.

With that being said, Happy Friday!!!

So, we have steps 1-4 done and gone. If you are just joining us, I am making your home FAB in 12 steps. Weekly, I am going to be posting about the 12 steps needed in getting you there, 2 steps at a time. As I promised, if you stick with me on this, come February, you should be well on your way to S-T-Y-L-E!!!

Need to catch up? Click here and head to the first two Blog Posts:

Let’s Do Something About Your Decor:

Steps 1 & 2

Steps 3 & 4 

We are going to dig real deep into step 4 this week….

Step #4a & Making it Work With Function

We covered function, and how to list it, why it is important, etc. Now we are going to hone in on the working characteristics we want in those tools (furnishings) we need to make the room function. We are basically  connecting the dots and making an ACCURATE shopping list for the items we need to purchase, restore, revamp.

For example…We have been using a living room as a case study. We said we needed the room’s functions to be:

  1. Watching TV
  2. Parties with the ability to seat up to 10 people
  3. Listening to music
  4. A place to read
  5. A place to surf the internet
  6. A place for our dog to sit…..

With step 4a we are listing all the tools we need to achieve all the functions listed above.

1st Function: To watch TV.

To watch TV; we know we need a sofa to lay on, a table to sit drinks and snacks on, a place for the remote, a television, a place for the television components, the ability to control the lighting,  a throw blanket, and pillows to rest my head when I want to lay down.

So with that one function, we named 7 necessary items for just watching TV! Isn’t it ye-opening how designers will dissect you and your needs to make a room work. From this most people would just think they need a TV and a Sofa, then run out to Value City and Best Buy, respectively. Once there, they would pick out a sectional, and the largest TV the income tax return can afford.


I want you to really think about your room, and making it work for you. With those tools needed for that one function we can further define their characteristics. I am talking about descriptors of what you are wanting those tools to look like, the size of them, and other details. So, lets start with the sofa…

The Sofa should be:

  • comfortable
  • slip covered (to give off a beachy/casual feel)
  • large enough for at least 3 peeps
  • have a durable fabric

Sometimes when you are trying to use descriptors, we get stuck. This is an awesome time to refer to your inspiration that you compiled in step 1 & 2.

Remember this…

My Pinterest page

My Pinterest page – Use this to guide you when describing what you want out of your funishings.

Use your found images and notes to help you describe what you need from your tools.

Inspiration reminder

Now – You know I have simplified the process… Use this image to create a worksheet to keep your thoughts and descriptions organized. Here is what my worksheet looks like:

From the book: 12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors

From the book: 12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors

If you have downloaded the eBook “12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors” You can use the above worksheet I provided there to track your tool descriptions. Otherwise software such as Evernote, or a simple notebook will suffice.

Step #4 b – The Tools Become Your Shopping List

Now we are cooking with grease folks! We are actually ready to start a shopping list!

With your tools listed above,  you can now start an itemized shopping list. Having a list that you will stick to will help in the overall space planning, budgeting, and organizing your decorating project!

First off, you should determine whether your current furniture satisfies the functions & tools you have planned for the room. If a piece ain’t working or if it’s too large or too small, or too fugly for the room, get rid of it.

You may be able to trade it for something else around the house that may be more appropriate. Then, we will determine those pieces to be bought. After we work on the furniture floor planning section, come back and fill in the ideal sizes for the pieces.

Here is what my shopping list looks like:

Shoping List

Shoping List

The above gives you an idea on how to organize your shopping list. The image of the worksheet is included in my e-book.

If you are still with me, I want you to come back next week for us getting into:

color and pattern!

Excuse all my bolded lettering, but I get real excited about design talk.

Wanna read ahead?

If you want me to just get to the damn point of it all, you can download “12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors” (the entire e-book) by clicking the image here:

12 steps

The book comes with all of the done for you worksheets and guides that you will need to get started on your space.

Many Blessings!

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

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