I hope your weekend is as awesome as mine. Right now I am in an airport people watching as I am typing this.

This Sunday’s Inspiration is coming from LA designer Kishani Perera.

Her style this morning captured me. Sitting here watching the hustle and bustle of this busy ass airport, flipping through her portfolio gave me a sense of calm. Just like a Sunday morning should be.

2Kishani PererA 3Kishani PererA 4Kishani PererA 5KP 6KISHANI PERERA 8KISHANIPERERA 9:Users:tiffanybrooks:Dropbox:You and Your Decor:Blog:2015:February:Sunday Inspiration:8KISHANIPERERA Kishani perera KISHANI PERERA5 KP7 KP9 KP10 KP11 KPHER

“Kishani can be found rocking out to anything from world to punk, indie to oldies, scavenging for hidden treasures, baking up vegan delights, and wandering the town with her pugs daydreaming about her next adventure.”

Many Blessings!

Tiffany Brooks

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