In the Bedroom. Good Design Will Help Your Sex Life.

It’s about to be Valentines Day, so I thought I would address a topic that may be often neglected, but undoubtedly the most important room in a house to design. I did this post in 2011 – considering the season it was a perfect time to repost it.

I get so many calls in a week for a Living and Dining Room Consultation, Family Room, Sun Room, etcetera, etcetera…. Why are so many homeowners (speaking especially the married readers) neglecting their bedrooms?

I say it in almost every home I enter…”Decorate first for yourself and last for others”… The bedroom is the most personal space in your home. While your living room is the entertainment central. I make a master piece in the living and dining areas only to be disappointed when the last room that I address in so many homes is the master bedroom. I often tell homeowners “do it for yourself, do it for your sex life!”

For you to have great sex, you need to not only be in the right mood but your immediate surrounding, should be right as well. In a well designed bedroom, every element, down to the colors and smells you chose will reflect the clear intent for love, healing and relaxation. A well planned color scheme, and floor plan will invite and excite you, all while calming you at the end of your day.

Passionate elements

The making of a romantic bedroom has some key elements:

Uses of Moody grays, black, chocolate browns – with hits of reds, and pinks will naturally elevate your romantic mood. This fact has not been proven, but I say so. Sexy bedrooms have very little of what I like to call “easter palettes” the bright blues, oranges, and Robbins egg blues, hardly create that sex kitten vibe.

Dark Bedroom

My Design Pal Jessie Miller Kilt this Bedroom! I got the treat of witnessing her put it together! ❤ her and this! #sosexy


Sex (when done right) should engage the senses. With texture I am addressing a key one. the senses of sight and touch. Silk, furs, reflective surfaces, the right lighting scheme, and very little contrast. Think Sensual Fabrics, and a lot of them! A rose-colored wall of mirror, placed in the perfect location.


The play on texture in this bedroom makes it feel so Luxe, and sexy.


The perfect lighting scheme is imperative in a bedroom. Here is the place where you need differing levels of lighting. Overhead, sconces, lamps, and mood lighting. With all of your lighting make sure the levels can be controlled via a dimmer switch.

By Tomas Frenes

By Tomas Frenes

design by Jason Dallas

design by Jason Dallas

 From Feng Shui Master: Mohan Deep, –  “Relationships can be treated by correcting the energies of the bedroom. Since the bedroom is all about peace, harmony, love and passion, the right Feng Shui enhances the relationship and over the years I have seen that Feng Shui corrections have help to save several marriages. Right environment including colours and the position of the bed do the trick. In fact the way a bedroom looks gives me an insight into the state of a couple’s marriage.”

by Tiffany HGTV Host and Interior Designer

by Tiffany HGTV Host and Interior Designer

Not ready to call in a designer? There are some really simple things you can do right after you read this post.

Start off by keeping your kid’s toys, dirty laundry, photos of your parents and childen, and work items OUT! I realized that I am never going to win the big ass TV in the bedroom war; but, If you insist on having a television in your bedroom have it hidden.

There are some things that are acceptable: “Riskay” or provactive art is a definite do. Keep it PG13 if you have kids going in and out. If you have an amazing place to put it – a wine refriderator is a must. You can stash it under a table and cover it with a table drape/cloth. A bar cart will do the job just as well. Personally – I am not a fan of candles, but this is the perfect place for them! Finally – if you have the budget and an amazing carpenter adding a glass shower won’t hurt the sexy time!

If you can - shower in the bedroom

My Last word – Making housekeeping in your most personal space is a priority! A clean bedroom is pleasurable to be in. You are either there to nap, get a good nights sleep or to make love!

By Tiffany Brooks, Design & HGTV Host

By Tiffany Brooks, Design & HGTV Host

Many Blessings! `

Your Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

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