Step 8 in NYND. How To Plan Your Lighing.

Its a New Year – So we are redesigning your home step by step!

If you’ve missed it here links to part Steps 1 – 7

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Step 5: 

Step #6

Step 7a & 7b

Today we are talking Step 8 – Lighting.

This is another step that you instinctually would want to ingonre or save the most money on. It feels like a total waste, that you will not recoup when you are decorating your rooms and you think “naturally, lamps will do the job”. – ummm no…

Lighting is KEY!  Top designers are passionate about correct lighting in a room.  Lighting can turn a $100 Ikea table in to a show stopper. When a room is lit right, make $5.00 per yard piece of fabric look like a Fourtuny textile, and lastly turn a standard bedroom into a sexy love den.
AGAIN – lighting is key! It is like real life Photoshopping to a room, and you see what a little Facetuning can do to yoru selfies.
When clients have a problem with spending money on lighting – I just remind them “You are spending all of this money on art, furnishings, window treatments and rugs, and no one will be able see it correctly after 5PM!”
I will show you what lighting can do… Ladies and gentlemen Candice Olson.
by Candice Olson

by Candice Olson

candice after 4

by Candice Olson

by Candice Olson

by Candice Olson

by Candice Olson

Candice olson after 2
candice olson after 6 candice olson after 5 after 3
Funny thing about Candice is that she has always been a mentor, the problem was she never knew it.
I have met her in person twice. The first time at one of her speaking engagements with Kravet (when I was still new with HGTV) and the second time was when we were called to go in for the same hosting part. A Part that neither of us ended up with. LOL
She knew who I was both times we met – which was AWESOME!
At the speaking engagement she addressed lighting. Here are some of her take aways…
  • Sconces mounted on top of mirrors will create an amazing additional layer of light – this treatment adds a layer of brilliance and glamor to any room. 
  • It’s important to light objects  in the room and not dead space.  This means don’t haphazardly add ceiling lighting if it’s not actually pointing to anything. 
  • Think about where you will position your hanging lights in the room. (THINK ZONES HERE)
  • Make sure lighting will enhance the design aesthetic of your room.  – Basically it is the jewelry to a perfect outfit. Treat it as such!
Here is one of my before and afters:
Before_4.JPG By Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Host and Designer

Since we need to plan lighting around objects  and not dead space now is the perfect time to place and plan lighting. Here are your steps:

Make a copy of your selected furniture plan. Use this plan and the electrical key below to create a well thought out lighting plan.

From 12 steps to designing your Interiors

From 12 steps to designing your Interiors

lighting key

Here are tips on planning your lighting:

  1. Use different types of lighting in 1 room. Here are the basics: General (ambient) lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. General is lighting that lights an entire room (think ceiling lighting, can lights). Task lighting is lighting that help you perform a specific task such as reading, food prep. (think floor lamps, pendants, table lamps). Accent lighting these are sconces, and picture lighting. The lather is the most over looked.
  2. Place lighting where it matters most. Look for places where you will perform a task, where art is, or an impritant object. Place drop lighting or use pendants in seating or small dining areas.
  3. Pay attention to the type of bulbs you are using. Purchase bulbs that omit the same color for your rooms. Don’t mix a yellow bulb, with a bright white….
  4. Know the types of bulbs and what each does for the look and your electric bill. There are LED, Halogen, florescent, just to name a few.
  5. Know what color your bulbs will omit. Here is a chart below:
from lamp tech

from lamp tech

*My favorite bulb is the a clear Halogen bulb. Halogen lighting is a favorite in jewelry stores. My thought process is “Any bulb that can make a man spend 25% of his annual salary on a diamond, is the lighting I am using in my house!”

Up Next Elevations! – no clue what that is.. well that means you should stop back in a couple of days!

Wanna read ahead?

If so, you can download “12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors” (the entire e-book) by clicking the image here:

12 steps

The book comes with all of the done for you worksheets and guides that you will need to get started on your space.

Many Blessings!

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks




3 replies

  1. such an informative read..prior to this blogpost I had no idea how much real significance lighting was (i mean out of all the steps to designing the perfect room/home who would’ve thought some lights could either make or break the whole look at the end)..?

    I loved the tip of focusing the lights on furniture or inspirational pieces and limit placing lights on blank areas. ❤


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