How I Make This Look Easy. Wecora.

Hi All!

If you have been following along, I am now sharing on the blog, my book, 12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors. I have been breaking down my design process, step by step.

Today I am adding a part, or an “extra” to the process that really did not fit in until the end, I am addressing how to keep your sh_t while you are ticking along (designing).

When I wrote my book, it is formatted to keep all those thoughts, notes, and ideas together by using a binder. Well sweetheart, we are now out of the Flintstone era and I have found a way to keep you organized from jump street. Are you ready for my newest obsession….?


Wecora is an online software meant for keeping you and your sh_t straight. It hold and organizes all of those pins, products, and furnishings you find throughout your design journey. This software has saved me days of time by allowing me to communicate my ideas and my design finds with my clients, e-design people, my staff, and my retailers. It is my new obsession, and personally I have no clue how I functioned before it.

What Wecora does is priceless. It organizes, and keeps all of your project descriptions, pricing, and photos in one place. YES. ONE PLACE vs. a series of Evernote journals, excel spreadsheets and printouts. We have evolved people!

Take a look-see at how I have used Wecora!



Bedroom board Living Room Board Moodboard Grapic

Wecora is basically a planning software that lets me categorize elements I need for the room. It works like Pinterest, where I can surf the web, see a sofa, pin a sofa, then decide between all of my sofas later.

I create categories for each item I am shopping for (Your Shopping list back in Step 3) and upload the pieces I am considering. It is that S-I-M-P-L-E!

Click Below to see a sample shopping list.

SL Wecora – McBride _ McBride Bedroom – Wecora

I know what you are thinking… “Tiffany of course you need all of this because you do this for a living!!” My point would then be to say, that redesigning your home can be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding things you will ever do to reinvest in your self. Attention must be paid, and your project must be managed tightly. Wecora is the best way that I have found to do this.

Plus – I have used this tool to plan events, figure out my new branding, and organize my fashion looks for when I work with HGTV! It really is like Pinterest with record keeping capabilities! 

Take a closer look at how you can use Wecora at GO TO WECORA

Stay Blessed!

Tiffany Brooks

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