Instant Room. It’s FriDAAAAYYY!

“Just got paid, Friday night
Party huntin’, feelin’ right
Body shakin’, all around….”


It’s Friday, and it has been a completely jacked-up-all-the-way-around-week. I am glad it is over, and I have the weekend to do…ABSOLUETLY NOTHING!
I am barely even writing this blog post! It’s mainly pictures! HA!
Here is an instant room for all of you eclectic types!
I tried to make Marsala work


Frandsen white shade
$200 –

BD Fine textured rug

Puji cow hide rug
$355 –

Color field painting

Velvet accent pillow

Gold candle


Ikat chair

Fabric furniture

Modern round table
If you are happy to be alive and even happier you made it through another week – can I get an AMEN in the comments below!
Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host
Tiffany Brooks

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