Copper Is The New Gold

I have no shame in my game. I admit; I am without a doubt, addicted to anything gold. Sadly for the past month Tiffany had to break the news the sad news to me that gold is on it’s way out. I know a little piece of me died too. But don’t worry all your fellow gold finish addicts, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s name is Copper!

I am trying to ween off the gold by turning to rose gold. After much intervention and convincing, Tiffany as made me a believer that copper is the new gold. Copper is a classic finish that is making a big come back. Consider yourself ahead of the design game with the wisdom of this metal. Copper can make an appearance in any space in the home, office or commercial interior. The kitchen is the most common room that copper has been known to be in, as we remember back in the 80’s, when the copper pots were a part of all of our childhood homes. However, now it’s copper’s turn to break the traditional country living mold and reinvent itself. Copper has a warmth to it’s finish that will warm up any contemporary or modern space striking a perfect balance. Here are some examples of the way copper can become part of your fabulous life.

Copper lighting is a safe way to go about introducing copper into your homes

copper lighing pendant

You can add a touch of copper to a clean white kitchen with some traditional design elements.

kitchen pendants

Copper pedestal tubs are quite amazing and this bathroom shows that the use of crisp black and white mixed with copper create some design bliss action.

copper tub with black and white

Adding the unexpected design element of a copper wall can make any space look so unique and classic at the same time. The use of the copper wall tile is so perfect in this traditional space creating visual interest with a balance.

copper wall stunningI am absolutely in love with this contemporary copper staircase my husband is getting a little jealous with my obsession with this staircase.   It speaks for itself and is so stunning I can not get enough.

amazing copper staricase

Not too many of us are able to gut our house and turn it in to copper playground, but accessorizing with some copper pieces wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Decor and furniture are ways you can step up your copper swag.  Since it resembles different metal finishes it allows for you to be able to mix finishes and it will still look great.

Kitchen hardware and faucets are also other ways to add copper to your home.

copper decor on white

There are so many great furniture pieces that are available with some copper finishes, here are just a few examples…

copper chair

copper side table

You can also add Copper finish hardware to  revamp some furniture pieces in your home.

copper hardware for furniture

The use of copper finish shelving is also really chic and clean with a touch of glam to any space that needs function and style with the added storage.

copper shelving

Copper is perfect for exterior design as well, it last hundreds of years and will age with style as it turns to this amazing teal color; as it is exposed to natural elements.

I am loving these copper planters and roofs, along with exterior lanterns and porch ceilings. The options are endless.

copper roof

copper planters

Ok it’s official Tiffany has turned me into a copper believer.  Now it’s your turn to get on the copper train and see whats out there.  Till next time.

Stay you, and add some copper to your life!

Laura K.

Meet Laura

19 replies

  1. I absolutely love copper. In fact, this weekend, I am going to spray paint few of the smaller items around the house in copper! I’m so glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂



  2. Yes! I love it because, Copper color is like a mystery when you try to determine it, could it be orange…? could it be golden plus silver color…? Could it change with the sun…? you never end! I’m thinking in minimalist jewelry with it, it would be great! Nice post!


  3. But will they still be on trend if they have some patina? Because I love a good copper. I love a good patina. I don’t like that weird middle transition between the two.


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