12 Tables That I Would Put In My House

Have any of you been to my home? Probably not. It’s ass. I hate my house, and that is why it has never been photographed or seen publicly. A$$.
What is even worse is my table. Here is the embarrassing shot of my coffee table game:
Coffee tables
Syke! I was not posting that! But to let you know it’s even worse. The whole house is a bad nightmare of cheap Halem Furniture that has seen better days.
Soooo…. We are finally doing something about it. Getting new crap. I started with my tables.
While I was looking, I found some worth sharing.
Tables I love

Pottery Barn metal table

Storage furniture

Jayson Home square table

Whitewash furniture

Glass top coffee table

Black table

Noir furniture

Knoll furniture

What is your vote? I am really having a really hard time with deciding. Any feed back would help.
Thanks, Peace, and Blessings In advance.
Tiffany Brooks

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  1. I love any of them with circles or circular in shape to offset all the straight lines in the furniture. Good luck, glad you’re back. 🙂

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