5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Add Color Without Painting

We all talk about it, others go on Pinterest and pin it, however most people hardly ever do anything about it. I am talking about the lack of color in your rooms. Now if you love the black, whites, and 100% neutral spaces, then obviously this post is not for you.

I am talking to those of you who have had the same beige living room set for the past five years, cringe at the idea of painting,  and do not know how to add a punch of color. Here are 5, no-fail and inexpensive ways to revive the color in your home without picking up a paintbrush.

Numeral Uno: Bring in a Massive Piece of Art.

Photo by Derek Swalwell

Photo by Kelly Ishikawa

Found on design-milk.com

Erin Fosters home

photo by bethany nauert

Everyone should be doing this anyway, because it adds so much, and it makes for full-out drama. However, it also revs up the color in your space too.

Two: Wallpapering Just One Wall

from the littlegreennotebook.

Found on mydomaine.com

Found on mydomaine.com

from refinery 29 wallpaper

I know what you’re thinking, wallpaper is an even bigger expense and headache than painting is. To me it’s not; especially if you’re only papering one wall. You can get some great deals on wallpaper on sites like Spoonflower Etsy, and Graham and brown.

#3. Add Some Funk Color With One Dramatic Furniture Piece.

From Centsational Girl.

Via Apartment Therapy

a shot of Anitra Mecadon’s home

By Tiffany Brooks, Designer & HGTV HOST

You can bring in a coffee table, side chair, or a sofa. Depending on where you go to shop, you could also save a bunch of cash. Try places like Craigslist, home goods, and flea markets to find that perfect colorful, yet affordable piece of furniture.

Four: Add Color Under Foot With a Bold Area Rug.

Mick Jaggar’s Paris apartment,

By Tiffany Brooks, Designer & HGTV HOST

from Apartment Therapy

People often forget that you can add and punch of color with your area rug choices. And, if you don’t like it just swap it out. While I’m talking about area rugs you can also have fun with color on your ceilings. But that’s a whole other post in itself.

Finally: Add a Dose of Color In Your Drapes:

from 30somethingurbangirl.com

Via HGTV 2013 Smart Home

from traditional home

from apartment therapy

via traditional home

Geoffrey De Sousa Interior Design

found on tidbitsandtwine.com

by Tiffany Brooks, Interior Designer and HGTV Host

Personally, I find that using colorful drapes brings in the most drama out of all of these ideas. To keep it affordable visit etsy.com, IKEA, and Pottery Barn Kids for great drapery choices on the cheap.

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host


14 replies

  1. Awesome! We moved from our chic modern condo to an older home with a dark wood exposed beam ceiling. It is beautiful but with our dark wood furniture and piano, our living room looks like a hunting lodge. We need color; can’t wait to try some of these tips!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this, great ideas for adding that pop of color to otherwise neutral space.
    Apart from this I also feel that colorful rugs or bed linen also add a lot to the decor of your room. If you like your room to be neutral but with that hint of color, adding colorful linen or rugs under your feet can also serve you well.
    Also, statement pieces of decor like chandelier, phones, cutlery on tables, frames on wall can do the trick!! 😉

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  3. Love your ideas. Sometimes its hard to find something to make a beige or white room pop! Been thinking about painting walls but then I may grow tired of that and want to change to something else. Can be very challenging when trying to decide what to put in a room.


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