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YAY Decor Online is a fabulous option for you, especially if you want Tiffany and her team’s chic style in your home, but also crave the satisfaction of completing the project on your own. The online design packages are convenient, affordable, and above all easy! Working with you online, your designer will provide you with a customized visual roadmap that leads you to the most stylish spaces in your home.

By Tiffany Brooks

By Tiffany Brooks


  • you want to hire Tiffany as your designer,however you are on a budget.
  • you want to take your time designing and shopping for your home.
  • you do not live anywhere near Tiffany.
  • you want the rush of doing it yourself.
  • you want to avoid costly mistakes that can happen when redesigning your home.

All Design Packages Include:

  • Furniture plan
  • Mood Board
  • Color Palette
  • Detailed Shopping List (With Clickable Links)
  • Instructions and Notes

We also have other options such as a design box (mailed to your home) and 3D Renderings to help you further visualize your completed interiors!

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