Bedroom Before and After.

80% of the time I work on projects all over the country. I call these eDesigns. I offer this option to people who want design services, or a “designer EYE” however have a limited budget, they would rather complete the work on their own, they want to work in phases. […]

So. Damn. Tired.

This is me. Right now I’m posting from my cell phone. I’m so tired, I’m not even typing, I’m talking into this thing. This past weekend was my 10 year olds  birthday party at Legoland plus today was the first day of school. On top of that, my dumb self […]

Luxury Hotel Design Inspiration

I have been virtually living in hotels over the Summer and please note, they were nice but hardly stylish. While I was flipping – Well clicking through Interior Design online, I came across this article and this stunning image on the Das Stue Hotel in Location: Berlin, Germany.  That forced me to look further […]