Sunday Inspiration. Michelle Smith’s Home.

Happy Sunday folks. Well to me it’s actually Saturday afternoon. I have been attempting to be more organized and write my blog posts per week. Today I have been perched in my bedroom writing and designing away. Getting my stuff done on Saturday, may enable me to be able to get back into a regular church schedule.

Enough about me I wanna intro Michelle Smith and her inspirational home. Michelle is a lawyer turned interior designer.

Images Via One Kings Lane

Images Via One Kings Lane

“I thought design was going to be something I did later in life,” she says. In 2009, when she was practicing law in New York City, she found the perfect challenge: a two-bedroom apartment in a 1930s building whose previous tenant hadn’t fixed anything in 60 years. She bought it and quickly realized she enjoyed renovating more than reviewing court documents.

Dang people. To give up a career as a lawyer to enter into the roller coaster world of design is pretty ballsey.

michelle_smith_home_tour_05 michelle_smith_home_tour_29 michelle_smith_home_tour_03 michelle_smith_home_tour_26 michelle_smith_home_tour_15 michelle_smith_home_tour_04 michelle_smith_home_tour_11 michelle_smith_home_tour_24 michelle_smith_home_tour_13 michelle_smith_home_tour_10 michelle_smith_home_tour_09 michelle_smith_home_tour_31 michelle_smith_home_tour_16 michelle_smith_home_tour_17 michelle_smith_home_tour_19

Images Via One Kings Lane

Images Via One Kings Lane

Adorable right? Read more of the article from One Kings Lane Here.

Stay Blessed All!

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host.

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